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Published on February 25th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Facebook Users Deleting the Hell Out of Friends, Report Says

facebook privacy study 2012

As Facebook grows ever more a part of socializing among people worldwide, so too do Facebook etiquette protocols and considerations about how to transfer real-life interactions over to the service.

Psychology and sociology researchers are breaking it down and finding Facebook impacts our self-perception in ways we might not predict, and crimes that germinated on the social network seem to be increasing in frequency due to the ubiquity of Facebook in general. One of the bigger questions about Facebook use and politeness deals with when to delete or block friends and the relation of Facebook to privacy in general, and a new study reveals that users are manning the parapets and tightening up their Facebook profiles against prying eyes- even those of friends.

Facebook deletion is a big etiquette question mark- apps exist to pinpoint who has given you the elbow from access to their Facebook page, though not everyone thinks knowing such information is helpful- and a new report from the Pew Research Center in Washington has found that Facebook users are becoming hella more selective in who gets to see their goodies. 63% of users report unfriending, 44% have removed comments made by friends on their Facebook pages, and 37% have untagged themselves in photos, presumably people who have posed next to my best friend Katie who always looks insufferably thin and shiny-haired.

58% of users use the highest level of privacy settings to ensure information leaks stay at a minimum, with 67% of female users and 48% of male users reporting the practice. However, one in two Facebook users admit that Facebook’s privacy settings aren’t entirely clear to them just yet and they’ve not got a handle on profile lockdown.

The survey, released Friday, polled nearly 2,300 Facebook users in all age demographics.



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