Life will you marry me steak

Published on February 27th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


“Will You Marry Me Steak” on the Menu at British Chain For Leap-Year Female-Initiated Proposals

will you marry me steak

It’s like someone took “steak and a blowjob day” and took half the fun out of it.

Us yankees may not be familiar with the tradition, but apparently in England and some parts of Europe, it is a thing that women who have been hemming and hawing for a “will you” can pop the question judgment-free on Leap Day. It’s a custom dating back some time, but it also presents some significant logistical challenges.

Traditionally, engagements are marked with a ring, and typically a diamond. But men are unlikely to desire a sparkling and overpriced token of affection, which is where one British steakhouse has stepped in to lure hopeful female woo-ers in on Leap Day. Instead of a velvet box, Beefeater Grill proposes you propose to your beloved with a branded steak:

Amanda Barnett is a spokesperson for Beefeater Grill, and she commented in a way that is not at all slightly sexist and condescending:

“As all women know only too well, if we wait for the man of our dreams to make a move we could well be waiting for a long time! So at Beefeater Grill, we’d like to offer a helping hand to those gutsy girls who are going to take a chance and tell their partners exactly how they feel. Break a leg ladies.”

It would appear that this is an area in which women get off a bit light when it comes to price tag, however- while a diamond will set you back a few thousand clams, the cost of the “will you marry me?” steak (aside, I often find myself thinking “will you marry me, steak?” when confronted with a rare and fatty piece of prime rib) will only set you back about £11, or $17. Do you know of anyone who has flipped the script and proposed to a dude?



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