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Child’s porridge was laced with HIV-positive menstrual blood by maid

In news that make you want to simultaneously to be totally repulsed and to go WTF it seems that a maid in Zimbabwe for whatever reason decided to lace the porridge of the child who was in her care with her own menstrual blood. Now as sick as that might sound it gets even worse.

The maid was HIV-positive.

Luckily the child was rescued from eating all of the porridge because her mother noticed a drop of blood in the porridge and ordered her daughter to stop eating. When the mother asked where the blood came from the maid told the mother that she didn’t know.

The mother then took the porridge nad the maid to the Gutu Rural Hospital where they confirmed that the blood did indeed belong to the maid and that she was HIV-positive.

When appearing in court after being charge the maid, Pelagia Mureya, denyed sleeping with men; but later changed her story. As the trial was being conducted one of the court attendants was so upset by the story that she vomited.

In court Pelagia initially professed ignorance of the matter but she gave conflicting statements under cross examination. She was asked whether she had ever slept with a man in her life and she said she did not. When the court adjourned to verify the issue, Pelagia changed her statement and said she had slept with several men. She then told the court she suspected the blood could have dropped off from her pants into the porridge without her knowledge. The court did not believe her argument leading to conviction for wilfully mixing her blood with the victim`s porridge.

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath

The maid has been sentenced to a ten month prison sentence.



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