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Published on February 29th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Pinpuff is Not Klout For Pinterest, Thank You Very Much

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Pinpuff would like you to know that while it’s not Klout for Pinterest, it is kind of Klout for Pinterest.

Totally petty whine, I’ve always kind of resented Klout. While cool people like Duncan get mass Klout love for using Twitter a lot, my masterful Facebook use gets nearly no kudos on the social media ranking service since its a closed garden. Which is a prime first world problem, to be sure, but remember, we’re bloggers- without people reading us, we’re basically LiveJournalers without the Harry Potter slash icons. But like it was back in the days of LJ, you only really get Pinterest props if you’re really mad into it.

I follow this one chick who has a whole board devoted to fancy ampersand-based home decor. (And it’s brilliant.) And like everything on the internet, these little fanatical interests are what eventually a social media celebrity make. Pinterest is a hive for this sort of thing because you say so little and you really need an eye to catch the good stuff. As the service develops, it has drawn massive attention for its abilities to drive sales and traffic to both editorial and e-commerce, emerging as a game changer along the lines of Tumblr.

What Twitter lacks in visual engagement, Pinterest brings in spades. And though everyone is trying to hitch their star to the Pinterest wagon, it’s still a social media site in its infancy driven mainly by the love of the game. But Pinpuff seeks to change that, ranking user by (obviously) their “pinfluence,” which is essentially their reach on the service. TheNextWeb spoke to Pinpuff founder Ammrita Sharma, a 20-year-old computer science engineering major in his last year of university in India. Sharma says:

“I love Pinterest more than anything on Internet. And I have many ideas to make it even better and more useful for both people like me and brands. Pinterest is an amazing source of referral traffic which must be harnessed to its potential.”

Sharma didn’t give a whole hell of a lot of details, but it seems his plan is to hook brands up with Pinterest power users to create mutually beneficial relationships. The site is currently just offering up your “pinfluence” at the moment, which you can discover at Have you developed a Pinterest addiction yet?



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