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Death by job – Is your job killing you? [Infographic]

Jobs, we hate to live with them but we sure can’t live very well without them. Whether they be the day in and day out drudgery of a 9 to 5 job or the rotating shifts of factory life jobs are a necessary evil of life.

While we really can’t do anything in life without having a job there is the age old question of whether or not your job is slowly killing you. Are you a victim of job related stress types of illness or is your job in fact a dangerous one where you could end up dead if you make the slightest mistake.

There have been lots of studies over the years about job-related stress and its effect on you, both mentally and physically but the folks at decided to give the subject some infographic love and created the following infographic for you to peruse and see where you stand.

via Bit Rebels



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