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Published on March 2nd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Facebook 1800’s Edition. Organizations Want To Go Back Further

Facebook Timeline

While dating our lives back to the year 1800 isn’t necessary the new Facebook` timeline restriction is causing some organizations to work around that issue with some creative fixes.

For example the US Army has placed a note at the earliest possible Timeline point that reads:

 “At this time, this page only allows us to go back to 1800,” it says. “However, we were ‘founded’ in 1775.”

Since organizations can’t switch back to their previous platform the quick fix is needed at this time. For other agencies such as the US Navy they show as being founded on “January 1, 1800” when the agency was actually started in 1775.

In the meantime Princeton University’s social media head tweeted the following message:

“We go back to 1746 #oops.”

It’s likely a simple fix for Facebook to offer, in the meantime we’re all living a Facebook created lie.



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