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A Town In Spain Decides To Lease Land For A Marijuana Plantation

I know times are tough but it seems that the town of Rasuera in Catalonia, Spain, thinks that it has come up with a rather unique solutions to the town’s unemployment and economic problems.

It seems that at a recent town meeting the council decided to sign a €1.3 million agreement with a Barcelona cannabis association to plant marijuana on a seven-hectare plot of land that belongs to the town. Mayor Bernat Pellisa believes that this is a way to bring in money and create jobs in the town.

Pellisa said he had sought legal advice that the scheme, part of a set of “anticrisis” measures passed at a packed town hall meeting, did not break Spain’s ambiguous cannabis laws. “The produce will only go to members of the association and it won’t all be cannabis,” he added. “There will be crop rotation with cereal and sugarbeet.”The Barcelona Personal Use Cannabis Association (ABCDA), part of a mushrooming movement of private marijuana clubs in Spain, will pay the town €650,000 a year for the right to grow its annual supply there. “Growing for oneself is not illegal, but this is a delicate issue,” explained lawyer Oriol Casals.

The mayor also said that there are several other projects in the wings, one of which is another 7,000 member strong cannabis club as well as a possible alternative clinic for people with cancer.

It is deals like this that will turn the town of Rasquera into one of the largest producers of legal marijuana in Europe.

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