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Family Dog Helps 2 Year-Old With Lung Disease By Carrying Her Oxygen Tank

Alida Knobloch is a two-year-old with a tough life ahead of her but right now family pet Mr. Gibbs is helping to make her life just a little bit easier.

You see Alida has a rare disease called neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI) which is a disorder that affects children and where a there is a diseased portions of the lung filter oxygen through an extra layer of cells. This makes it harder for the people afflicted with the disease to be able to breathe properly.

It is because of this disease that Alida needs to be attached to an oxygen tank for everything save taking a bath. Of course being a child this mean that she needs to get out and try to enjoy life the best she can by going to places like parks or the playground but because of her disease she also needs to cart around a bottle of oxygen.

Enter Mr. Gibbs, the family dog.

You see Mr. Gibbs wears a special service animal vest that is designed to carry two small oxygen tanks and while wear that service vest he follows little Alida everywhere she goes providing a lifeline between her and the supply of oxygen that she needs at all times.

The dog has been trained to go wherever she goes, whether it be climbing up playground equipment or going down slides and while it can be a little difficult for even a young dog to keep up with the active two-year-old Alida’s parent,¬†Aaron and Debbie Knobloch, say that Mr. Gibbs is doing a great job.

via The Walton Tribune



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