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Published on March 6th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Ann Coulter on Andrew Breitbart: Like John Lennon Dying

andrew breitbart matt taibbi

Well, Ann, most people feel a modicum of sadness that Andrew Breitbart passed away at such an early age, leaving behind a widow and four kids, but I’m not sure I’d go that far.

Not a week yet has gone by, and it seems everyone and their brother has a memory- good or bad- to share of a run in or argument with blogging pundit Andrew Breitbart. A controversial character in life, Breitbart has amassed an outpouring of… reaction in the blogosphere with his passing, much of which may be weighted to not speak ill of the dead.

If Breitbart had a female equivalent it would most certainly be Ann Coulter- another right-wing pundit with a habit for spouting illogical nonsense but engaging nonetheless. Coulter has spoken out about the sudden loss of Breitbart and what it means to conservative new media, comparing the early loss of Breitbart to the death of John Lennon. Coulter says:

“Who knows what else he could have done… It’s like John Lennon dying, what other music might he have produced.”

I’m tempted to write that one more time, in boldface, so you can hear it over the sound of Lennon spinning in his grave. Coulter continues:

“Everybody on TV is saying ‘I was just talking to him yesterday,’ …I keep thinking, how did he have time to have conversations with so many people? But that’s what he was. He was the glue and made all of these connections, and the fighter and the inspiration to young right wingers. So I do think that it is a huge loss but he left us with a lot.”

Indeed, never has Breitbart been more needed by the right to sway young, conservative-leaning voters than in early 2012- do you think the Republican party will suffer without his voice on the web?



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