Published on March 7th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Babies: A Billion Dollar Scam [Infographic]

I still remember the days that my daughters were born but I also remember the worry about whether I would be able to provide all the things that babies need in order to grow into young children and then adults. It’s a pretty scary proposition raising a baby under the best of circumstances but when you have big companies constantly trying to convince you that you aren’t doing it right unless you use their products it makes the job all the harder.

The baby “business” is worth billions of dollars annually for corporations and they spend millions of those dollars on advertising to convince you that their products are better for your kids. From child rearing books to educational ‘enhancement’ products and from baby food to ‘protecting’ your child their products are sometimes at odds with our natural instincts, and Mother Nature.

The folks at Frugal Dad have put together an interesting infographic outlining some of the ways that parents are pressured into products and ideologies.




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