Travel FermiLab and the Higgs Boson

Published on March 7th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Fermilab Inches Closer To Higgs Boson Discovery

FermiLab and the Higgs Boson

The Higgs Boson particle may soon be discovered according to an announcement on Wednesday by particle physicists working at Illinois’ Fermilab.

Two teams of physicists used Fermilab’s now-closed Tevatron particle collider and after examining data provided by their experiments over the last several years they spotted between 115 and 135 GeV, numbers that could indicate the presence of the “god particle.”

According to one report:

“Based on the current Tevatron data and results compiled through December 2011 by other experiments, this is the strongest hint of the existence of a Higgs boson.”

Those numbers correspond closely to findings at CERN’s facility in December which likely means the Higgs Boson particle exists between 115 and 127 GeV.

While both labs have yet to find the “god particle” it doesn’t show that various labs are finding the same type of results.

According to a physicist on the project:

“We see some tantalizing evidence but not significant enough to make a stronger statement.”

At this time physicists can’t be sure that the findings are not part of a random data fluctuation, although they peg those odds at one in 100.

Speaking to the Associated Press  a Fermilab physicist says because Tevatron closed in September the ultimate final discovery of the Higgs Boson is likely to occur in Europe.

While physicists would love to prove the existence of the Higgs Boson particle, if it’s proven to likely be false it will lead to new theories about the universe and how it began.

Do you think the Higgs Boson will soon be discovered or will new theories about the universe emerge?




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