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Published on March 17th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


[Study] Sleep Deprivation is Totally Making You a Fatass

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It seems a facet of adult life- at least among the constantly connected, heavily tech-industry leaning adults I know- is a constant deficit of sleep, but the practice could lead to weight gain, a new study shows.

Yes, at least caucusing with fellow bloggers, sleep deprivation (and a sedentary lifestyle) is endemic. Lust for naps and early nights in seems to increase exponentially after the age of 30, and researchers say all this missed sleep could be causing us to graze upon an ignored metric fuckton of calories- almost 600 daily, to be exact. The research was undertaken at the midwest’s Mayo Clinic, employing 17 healthy volunteer participants to live under intense scrutiny while all their processes were measured for the study.

When sleep levels were decreased among participants, researchers- who had suspected that obesity rates were affected by sleep deprivation- noted a caloric intake increase of about 549 calories per day correlated with an hour and twenty minutes less sleep. Senior study author Virend Somers commented on the findings, and tying Facebook into the equation:

“Many young people spend hours at night using technology, on websites like Facebook, which is stopping them from sleeping enough. Is that having an impact on obesity? It may be the case.”

The study was presented at an American Heart Association conference in San Diego during the week.



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