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Published on March 19th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Mike Daisey, Inventor of Apple in China Claims, Lashes Out at Critics

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Late last week, NPR revealed that a story it had done on worker conditions in China at the factories in which popular devices like iPhones and iPads are manufactured based largely on the word of performer Mike Daisey may have been fraught with some embellishments and even outright lies.

Daisey’s “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” made some very serious insinuations about the conditions workers toiling on the Apple shinies were exposed to- including child labor, careless poisoning and a worker who was allegedly presented with the device he was injured manufacturing only to declare it like “magic.” But as Daisey’s story began to unravel, NPR felt it necessary to retract the entire piece due to its shaky basis.

However, Daisey has lashed out at those who have said his shaky claims make it difficult to support the thrust of his work, and struck out in an angry blog posting. He says:

Given the tenor of the condemnation, you would think I had concocted an elaborate, fanciful universe filled with furnaces in which babies are burned to make iPhone components, or that I never went to China, never stood outside the gates of Foxconn, never pretended to be a businessman to get inside of factories, never spoke to any workers… Given the tone, you would think I had fabulated an elaborate hoax, filled with astonishing horrors that no one had ever seen before.

Daisey continues:

…There is nothing in this controversy that contests the facts in my work about the nature of Chinese manufacturing… If you think this story is bigger than that story, something is wrong with your priorities… If people want to use me as an excuse to return to denialism about the state of our manufacturing, about the shape of our world, they are doing that to themselves.

You can read Daisey’s full statement over on his blog.



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