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Published on March 21st, 2012 | by James Johnson


Scientists Inventing Robot Jellyfish That’s Powered With Water

Robotic JellyFish Powered by Water

Leave it to the US Navy to create what might be the coolest robot to date. A team of scientists for the Navy are developing a robotic jellyfish that should in theory be aboe to power itself indefinitely using nothing but water.

The idea is that the jellyfish will take in water, convert it to hydrogen fuel and then continue on its journey.

Known as “Robojelly” the fish works in a similar fashion to jellyfish, propelling themselves by opening their bodies with a single, central muscle and then snapping closed again to expel water.

According to Newser:

The robotic version works much the same way. It’s built of a shape-metal alloy that remembers its original shape even after being crunched down, and it’s coated with platinum black powder, which generates heat and power by reacting with the hydrogen and oxygen in water. The only thing standing between robojelly and total undersea conquest? So far it only moves in one direction.

Here’s a video of Robojelly in action:

Now we would like to see RoboJaws and RoboMermaids.




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