Tech Flying Man Video is a fake

Published on March 21st, 2012 | by James Johnson


CGI Experts: Flying Man Is A Hoax

Flying Man Video is a fake

CGI experts are crying foul over a recent YouTube video which showcased a winged man taking flight, even only if for a few seconds.

It turns out the team at George Lucas’¬†¬†Industrial Light and Magic took at look at the video and quickly realized that it was awfully grainy and way to steady for a head camera. After some extensive filtering they found tell-tale proof of the gimmick.

First in the video a black spot appears on one wing right after takeoff and the camera conveniently pans away.

As a technical director for ILM tells Gizmodo :

“The wing is CG. You can tell because the model they used didn’t have perfect textures.”

They go on to add:

“It’s a pretty good fake, but it’s absolutely a fake.”

If that wasn’t enough proof they also noticed a man casting a computer-generated shadow on the wing.

Another CGI company also noticed the computer-generate shadow that occurs when watching the video.

Here’s the CGI-Created spectacle:

Are you impressed with the CGI work the creators of this video managed to pull off without full studio backing?



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