Science Ocean Temps and High Cost

Published on March 21st, 2012 | by James Johnson


Global Warming Oceanic Costs To Skyrocket To $2 Trillion By 2100

Ocean Temps and High Cost

A study released by the Stockholm Environment Institute on Wednesday claims that protecting the world’s oceans will cost $1.98 trillion per year by 2100.

The study says that massive expense will be culled from rising sea levels, ocean acidification, marine pollution, species migrations, and cause tropical cyclones.

According to Reuters the report stipulates that temperatures will rise about 4 degrees Celsius over the century however if the world’s governments can limit that increase to just 2.2 degrees it would save $1.4 trillion annually.

Playing a role in the destruction of the ocean are waste and nitrogen-rich fertilizes which strip the ocean of oxygen, in turn creating hypoxic dead zones of which 500 such areas now exist.

If those numbers aren’t scary enough for world leaders the estimate includes $639 billion in lost tourism.

Throw in the impossible to predict cost of ocean species dying and it quickly become apparent that a warm ocean is not good for anyone or any animal.




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