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Published on March 26th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


‘Allergy Hell’ Ongoing For Winterless New Yorkers

new york city allergy 2012

It was the winter that wasn’t in constantly complaining New York, but not having to shovel or slip running for the L train has its price, according to the New York Daily Newsin the form of a hellacious allergy season.

See, while you were all enjoying cigarettes jacketless in the alley next to your favorite bar in mid-January, plants and trees were like, having total flora sex. And now that its spring, they’re all aggressively spitting out pollen, which is in turn climbing up your nasal-holes and making you wipe your nose on your hoodie sleeve when you accidentally get on the local and not the express without some tissues in your bag.

Dr. Michael Marcus is director of allergy services at Maimonides Medical Center, and he told the NYDN that it’s not just in your head- allergies are totally awful in 2012, and have been since late winter:

“The very first week in March, it was full-blown… In February, I can’t say there were clear-cut tree pollen cases. But there were hints it was coming.”

Marcus continues, saying the trend is that allergy symptoms are appearing earlier in the year and patients are seeking more treatment:

“We’re certainly seeing a lot more allergy sufferers at a much earlier point in time… We’re seeing pollen counts rise, and patients are coming to the office more frequently now than in previous years.”

Allergy season is expected to be bad right up until the ice returns next winter.



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