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Published on March 27th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


EnemyGraph: Facebook App Lets You Dislike Things, Be Unfriends With Someone

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One of the bigger criticisms of social media (perhaps moreso with Twitter than Facebook, but most services are not immune) is the unrelenting positivity some people seem to spew on the sites- thankfully, EnemyGraph could change that.

Facebook is certainly not free of rainbow-puking, and while its polar opposite, sadsacking, is even worse, it’s still kind of phony to purport to be feeling to be thankful for Jesus, kitties and your Sandals vacation every day of the year. And if you’ve got more than a hundred friends, chances are you don’t really like at least one or two of them.

As much as I try to not rain crankiness down on Facebook, though, it would help sometimes to have a dislike button. Like, I really, really hate U2. I get palpably irritated when exposed to their music in public. Were there a dislike button, people could know this ahead of time and reduce the risk of incurring my anger. And EnemyGraph can do that.

The app allows you to mark people as well as things as enemies- and not surprisingly, the top trending enemies right now are the Westboro Baptist Church, Rick Santorum, Fox News, Nickelback and Racism. Creator Dean Perry thinks that the app is likely to get yanked by Facebook, so if you want to get hating, you can install EnemyGraph by clicking here.



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