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Young Boys’ Urine Used To Make A Chinese Egg Delicacy

They are called Virgin Boy Eggs and apparently in one town in China they are a much in demand delicacy.

Vendors in the town of Dongyang have been selling eggs that have been soaked in the urine of boys from under the age of ten for the last few decade and now thanks to the wonder of the Internet you can know all about them.

The vendors say that the eggs have decent health properties because they purportedly create better blood circulation, reinvigorate the body, and can prevent heat stroke.

Just in case you want the cooking instruction here you go

  • Soak the eggs in a pot of urine
  • Then after the prescribe soaking time boil said eggs in the bot of urine
  • Once cooked remove the shells
  • Then simmer in urine for the remainder of the day as you sell them but make sure to pour fresh urine over them during the day so that they don’t overheat.

These eggs can sell for double the price of regular eggs.

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