Published on April 2nd, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Baby Pigeon Saved From Being Road Kill Thanks To A Crow

People don’t have a very high opinion of crows, consider them to be dirty carrion eaters and a blight on our cities and towns.

Well one baby pigeon might tell you otherwise, if it could talk that is, considering that it was saved from a certain death on a roadway in Brockley, South London, by a crow, and not just once but twice.

The incredible event was caught on video by Chuka Okey as he came across the baby pigeon floundering around the middle of the road with cars going past and just narrowly missing it a number of times.

Then just before Chuka was going to try and rescue the baby pigeon himself a crow came out of nowhere and landed by the baby pigeon which the crow then dragged to the safety of the roadway gutter before more vehicles came along.

However even there in the gutter the baby pigeon wasn’t safe so the crow came back and hauled the pigeon up onto the sidewalk at which point it flew away.

As Chuka says – “It was truly astonishing to see”, and thanks to Chuka we have a video (courtesy of The Mirror) of it as it happened.



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