Science Woolly Mammoth Replica in Museum Exhibit

Published on April 4th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Scientists Discover How Early Humans Captures Woolly Mammoth For Food

Woolly Mammoth Replica in Museum Exhibit

Prehistoric humans took part in feasts that included Woolly Mammoth meat and while early humans were probably not capable of easily killing one of the immensely large mammals researchers believes they have figured out the key to dining on and using Woolly Mammoth parts.

According to a BBC report prehistoric humans would wait for a lion attack against a Woolly Mammoth and then they would approach the large animal and scare off the lion or other attackers.

Scientists drew their conclusion after examining a young Woolly Mammoth that still had its teeth, tusks and strawberry blonde hair in place after being frozen in a Siberian ice cliff for nearly 10,000 years.

Upon examining the specimen scientists discovered deep cuts to its body which indicated a lion attack around the time of the animals death, while various serrations point to a saw-like tool used by humans.

According to one of the research projected scientists:

“If it happened near the time of death then it means Yuka is a very important specimen as there are not many [mammoths] that show human interactions.”

At this time the theory is nothing more than speculation but it definitely points to an interesting theory regarding how humans managed to capture the fur, tusks and other parts of a Woolly Mammoth.



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