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Published on April 5th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Mega Millions Lottery ‘Winner’ Still Has Not Produced Ticket, Claims It Is Hidden in McDonald’s

mega millions mirlande wilson

Although there’s no actual proof Mega Millions alleged lotter winner Mirlande Wilson is hoaxing everyone (and no apparent motive other than attention), evidence is piling up that the McDonald’s worker is really not very likely in possession of the mystery missing Maryland Mega Millions ticket.

Wilson popped up not long after the drawing, placing herself at the center of a controversy when she told co-workers at McDonald’s with whom she’d participated in an office pool that she’d picked the winning numbers- but that the winnings were on a private ticket, and she wasn’t sharing. The single mom of seven has since failed to produce the alleged winning ticket, but says that she still has it, has retained a lawyer, and claims she hid the multi-million dollar scrap of paper at a secret, safe location within the McDonald’s.

Strangely, Wilson’s lawyer, Edward Smith Jr., said that while he hasn’t seen the ticket and “cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists,” his client just wants to be left alone. At a press conference. Apparently called by Wilson and Smith. By way of explanation, Smith said that the conference was called “to ask you all [media] to go home.”

Meanwhile, co-workers at Wilson’s McDonald’s location say that no place exists within the restaurant to safely hide a ticket, and Wilson has not returned to work to attempt to claim the slip of paper. In addition to the ticket that has not been produced from Wilson’s area in Maryland, winning tickets in Kansas and Illinois have also not been brought forth by winners.



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