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Jesus Shows Up As A Shadow Of Himself In New Orleans Church

He’s been seen burnt into toast and any number of other inanimate objects over the years and in all cases people have flocked to wherever the miraculous event was taking place and this newest occurence is no different.

It seems that the likeness of Jesus has been spotted at The Chapel at Ursuline Academy in New Orleans where people have claimed to see him as a shadow on a pillar in the chapel sanctuary. It was first noticed twelve days ago and word has spread like wildfire in the city and beyond which has brought an increased number of people to the chapel.

A shadow on a column next to a statue of Jesus that many say looks like Christ, himself. Charles Davis says, “I think this is just so extraordinary, you know? You can see the crown of thorns on Jesus. You can see his face, it’s just very extraordinary.”

Word of the image is spreading and people from near and far are coming to see it. The Davis kids came in from Geismar, driven by their parents and a deep faith. Melissa Davis says, “It touched my heart very good and it felt like the whole world needed this and it felt very good.”

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Apparently there is a logical explanation for this display say the Ursuline sisters who run the chapel. They say it is a shadow cast by light filtering through the chandelier hanging in the sancutary. If you turn the chandelier the image will disappear.

However for some of the sisters this doesn’t explain why it is only recently that the shadow has been notice as Sr. Carla Dolce, who has been at the chapel since 1944 and says that she has never seen the shadow before this.



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