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Russian Scientists Working On A Electromagnetic Radiation Guns

Scientists working on new technology is somethign that we are really use to hearing about but this news out of Russia is just a little bit unnerving.

It seems that they are working on a gun, an electromagnetic radiation gun to be specific, that is being suggested could turn people into zombies.

Yes you read that right – zombies, and no this isn’t an late April Fool’s joke.

Apparently these electromagnetic radiation guns use a technology similar to what is found in that microwave oven you have on your kitchen counter in such a way that it attacks a person’s central nervous system.

Plus this isn’t technology that is still stuck in the lab as it was also stated that they have already tested for crowd control purposes.

“When it was used for dispersing a crowd and it was focused on a man, his body temperature went up immediately as if he was thrown into a hot frying pan,” Mr Tsyganok said.

“Still, we know very little about this weapon and even special forces guys can hardly cope with it,” he said.

via The Herald Sun

While they haven’t released percise details about the guns previous research into this area showed that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states, and possibly transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thoughts.

So in one word – zombie, although I’m not sure about the flesh eating part.



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