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Man Uses Wife’s Clothes To Escape Jail, Gets Caught Because Of His Walk

Well you have to give suspected drug trafficker Ronaldo Silva a great big “E” for effort as he tried to escape the clutches of the law.

When Silva’s wife came to visit him in jail he managed to slip into her bra, pull on her pretty blue dress, and throw on a wig while his wife changed into his shorts and an extra top that she had brought with her. On top of htis Silva apparently also went to the effort of shaving his arms and legs to make the ‘new’ look even more realistic.

Once changed he slipped out of the jail along with the other wives who had come to visit their incarcerated husbands but unfortunately Silva forgot one very importanmt part of being a woman – her walk, and this is what gave him away in the end.

While he managed to get past the jail guards in his disguise there was a policeman outside the jail who grew suspicious and followed Silva to the bus station where he was finally arrested and returned to the jail that he had just escaped from.

Mr Welber [prison director] said: ‘He noticed that the woman was walking funny and looked strange. He followed him to the bus station, where two men were waiting on motorbikes to pick him up.

‘The policeman approached him and managed to arrest him and bring him back, still dressed as a woman.’

via Daily Mail

So close, so darn close.



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