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Attention Game Console Hackers, The U.S. Navy Is Hiring

Okay, this is a little out in left field but it seems that the U.S. Navy is looking to hire some good gaming console hackers in its ever growing effort to monitor what is happening out there in the world wide web.

At first blush this might seem to be another harebrained boondoogle but their reasoning is that there might be valuable terrorist communication going on in the console messaging services and they want to know about it.

The actual work is being done through a contract with Obscure Technologies worth $177,237.50 and the project is suppose cover the following areas

  • Provide monitoring for 6 new video game systems, a maximum of 2 of any type from any given vendor.
  • Generate clean data (data that does not contain any identifiable information from real people) from new video game systems.
  • Design a prototype rig for capturing data from new video game systems.
  • Implement the prototype rig on the new video game systems.
  • Provide used video games systems purchased on the open market.  Used systems provided shall be likely to contain data from previous users.
  • Extend tool development to implement creating signatures over sections.
  • Survey console chat room technology and identify potential chokepoints where data may be committed to storage.
  • Identify data storage points on used video game systems and attempt to demonstrate proof of concept.
  • Extract real data from used video game systems.
via Geekosystem
On t op of that Obscure is expected to come up with some prototype hardware and software that can be used for this type of hacking that will result in Navy investigators being able to scrap data remotely from consoles in real time as well as a physical bug that can pull data from used systems and monitor systems it is attached to.



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