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Published on April 10th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Washington State Fugitive Updates Facebook on the Lam

facebook murder tennessee

One of the aspects of social media that has been a source of amusement since it’s crept into nearly all areas of our lives is the number of criminals who use services like Facebook to brag about their crimes and leave themselves open to further prosecution by providing evidence or digital pings to law enforcement.

Washington state fugitive Travis A. Nicolaysen, 26, is one such alleged criminal- after escaping two cop chases on foot, it appears the suspect has become a bit cocky, and achieved national headlines by maintaining his Facebook page while on the run from the law.

On the first day he evaded capture, a pal wrote on Nicolaysen’s wall, commenting “cops all over you.” Nicolaysen answered his unnamed friend the following day, “ya got away thanks bro.” The convicted felon, a father to two toddlers, is currently wanted for failing to check in with his community corrections officer as well as an alleged assault on his girlfriend.

While some friends have given Nicolaysen a heads up about police activity, others have urged him to turn himself in to escape further jail time. In the interim, the fugitive did manage to check-in and change his relationship status to single. In Port Angeles, where he is from, a woman named Teri Newell identified herself as Nicolaysen’s aunt. When asked by press about his shenanigans, she commented:

“I think it’s hilarious… That’s my boy, Travis!”

An attorney from Port Angeles who says he knows Nicolaysen described him as being from “a rough background,” but says he has a “good heart.”



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