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Chinese Copying Taken To New Level: A Fake Police Academy

From copying copyrighted products to just cheap goods China is the recognized leader in this sort of thing but it seems that things have been taken to a new level when police discovered a fake police academy after using undercover police disguised as schoolgirls in a sting operation.

The school, called Jiamusi People’s Police Academy was offering a three year law enforcement course taught by veteran officers. For the privilege of being able to attend this school rookie officers ponied up £2,000 which they were told would get them diplomas and land them jobs with the police force.

The school was run by Wei Zhenhai who bragged about his friends in high places and how they would be able to be used to get the graduated rookies good jobs.

In his charge sheet, it was noted Mr Zhao had previous form, first as a failed instant-noodle entrepreneur who once spent three years in prison for blackmail, and secondly as a bona fide admissions director at a real school.

After resigning from his education position, he ploughed his £20,000 life savings into setting up his own mock academic business.

He leased a building complex, and forged a commissioning letter from the real Jiamusi People’s Police Academy – located hundreds of miles away in northern Heilongjiang province – which claimed to give permission to open his feeder school in the eastern city of Weifang.

via The Telegraph

The real police were tipped off after a parent of one student who had enrolled in the ‘school’ became suspicious.



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