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Your Own Personal Criminal Location Warning System

Maps that can show you the locations of reported pedophiles have been around for a little while now but U.S. Publications has decided to go that type of service one better.

While most of the pedophile reporting maps are online you need to be able to view them in a browser on your laptop or desktop computer U.S. Publications has come out with an app for the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch users that not only will let you see any pedophiles that might be living around the coordinates you enter into the app but also but all kinds of convicted criminals.

The idea is that once you have installed the app is to enter the zip code and mile range of the area you want the information for. Once you have entered the information the app, called The Criminal Tracker, will show you a map with pushpin icons that shows the locations of convicted criminals, along with their names and address details.

U.S. Publications says it can provide this type of accurate information because they have the most comprehensive National Criminal Index that is available.

The Criminal Tracker app is said to expand the neighborhood search beyond the provision of location data on sex offenders only – it’s also claimed to offer intelligence on other undesirables in the search radius, that we might want to know about. U.S. Publications Inc states that the company works closely with law enforcement to ensure that its offender database is kept up to date, although there doesn’t appear to be any independent information available to verify accuracy.

via GizMag

I wonder how long it will be before a convicted criminal, who has served his or her time and satisfying their ‘debt’ to society, decides to challenge this app in court.



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