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Published on April 13th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Barnes & Noble Introduces Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight Technology

Barnes And Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

If you love reading e-ink based eReaders you’re probably vastly aware that just like paperback books you can’t read them in the dark. Barnes & Nobles however wants readers to have the convenience of their ebooks wherever they are and for that reason the new Nook will feature GlowLight technology.

Barnes & Noble announced on Friday that the Nook Simple Touch is to come with a built-in light that illuminates the users screen in darkness, allowing for crystal clear reading even in the darkest of situations.

While GlowLight technology may sound like a fancy name it’s pretty much just a light that sits on the same 6-inch sized touchscreen display found on the current Simple Touch along with the same internal parts. One addition, the device with the light added is actually lighter than the original Simple Touch at 6.95 ounces compared to 7.48 ounces.

GlowLight technology is made up of LED lights located at the top of the Nook’s screen and an anti-glare screen protector. The light is then pushed across the entire screen and can be adjusted from the Nook menu.

If you are worried about battery life with the new technology don’t be, the new Nook can last a month on a single charge if used for half-hour per day. Without the GlowLight on you’ll still get the standard two-month battery life at half hour per day. That means you’ll get about 15 hours of reading time with the light on and 30 hours with it off.

Amazon is said to be working on a front-lit Kindle of its own and the Sony Reader PRS-700BC already comes with LED lights on the sides of the screen.

You can pre-order your $140 Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight now with a ship date expected in early May.




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