Published on April 14th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


A New Pew Study Says 22% Of Americans Have No Internet At All

In a figure that apparently hasn’t changed much sine 2009 a new Pew study shows that some 22% of Americans do not have Internet access at all.

The study says that several factors come into play when figuring out this percentage. Of those without access the study found that poverty or low income only amounted to 10 percent and was just one piece of the of the answer. What they did find was that 31 percent came back with the most common response – they were interested.

In this case the study found it was mostly seniors who hadn’t grown up with internet access or families that hadn’t had access before. The feeling apparently was that they either wouldn’t see a benefit from the Internet or didn’t believe that they could learn how to use it correctly.

While high speed internet access accounted for 62 percent of all Americans using cable, DSL, or similar to get online there is also a 3% segment that hadn’t signed on mostly because they were either waiting for the price to drop or they lived in rural areas where providers aren’t inclined to expand their services.

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