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One Direction Turns Wimpy When They Think ‘The Wanted’ Are Out To Beat Them Up

Now just for the record, and people like me who wouldn’t know a boy band if it bit us on the ass, there appears to be two big names in the ‘boy band’ business these days: One Direction and The Wanted.

We wrote earlier about how all the girls in Australia lost any remnants of dignity when the One Direction boy band landed on the shores of the country but another interesting story has been making the rounds when it comes to the band and their rivals for adoration of pubescent girls – The Wanted.

It came out that during a rehearsal for a gig on Saturday Night Live the boys in the band found out that the crew from The Wanted were going to be showing up very soon at the same sound stage to rehearse  for their “American Idol” gig and became scared, because of some trash talking reports in the British tabloids about smack talk between the bands, that the bad boys of The Wanted would be looking to rough them up.

Our sources say One Direction decided to abruptly end the session and leave, but before that happened The Wanted showed up. The security team for The Wanted spoke with security for One Direction and discussed One Direction’s fears. Security for The Wanted then told band members about One Direction’s fears, and Max (from The Wanted) bolted into the studio where One Direction was wrapping up, laughed and gave Liam (he’s from One Direction) a hug.

via TMZ

Oh the rough life of boy bands.



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