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Not All Ancient Gladiators Were Men It Seems

When we think of those fierce gladiators fighting to the death in the ancient days of Rome and the Coliseum it is usually brawny men duking it out with swords and spears. It turns out that we may be wrong on that count.

According to experts studying a recently found bronze statue that dates back almost 2,000 years some gladiators fighting in the ring may have actually been women, and that they won those fights to the death.

If this statue is confirmed as a that of a female gladiator it will be the second time that any depiction of a female gladiator has been found.

The gladiator statue shows a topless woman, wearing only a loincloth and a bandage around her left knee. Her hair is long, although neat, and in the air she raises what the researcher, Alfonso Manas of the University of Granada, believes is a sica, a short curved sword used by gladiators. The gesture she gives is a “salute to the people, to the crowd,” Manas said, an action done by victorious gladiatorsat the end of a fight.

The female fighter is looking down at the ground, presumably at her fallen opponent.

via Live Science.

Here is the statue that has raised an interesting question of women and their role as a gladiator.

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