Science gene therapy in mice aging lifespan

Published on April 18th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Scientists Grown Human Hair On Mice

Mice Grow Human Hair

Move over Rogaine there’s a new hair growth miracle in town and it’s so powerful it can literally grow human hair on bald mice.

Researchers started by injecting the hair follicles of hairy mice into the follicles of bald mice, three weeks later 74% of the transferred follicles sprouted hair. Scientists then decided to inject human hair follicles into the mice just to see what would happen, eventually the mice grew human hair.

Scientists were also able to change the density and color of the hair they injected by using different types of cells.

For the bald guy reading this and getting all excited about regrowing hair the group doesn’t expect a human testable product to be ready for at least 10 years.

Scientists say the final product would not likely be used for general use but instead to replace hair damaged by injury or disease.




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