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Published on April 19th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Amazon’s Cloud Now Storing 1% Of The Internet

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s cloud computing service is quickly becoming one of the biggest mass storage company’s on the internet. Not only does Amazon store its own data on servers own by the company, its infrastructure is used by millions of websites, corporations and various other users on a daily basis.

A recently study by DeepField Networks has found that of the millions of users studies at least one-third visited a website that uses Amazon infrastructure on a daily basis.

While many users think of Amazon as nothing more than a giant shopping the truth is Amazon services are everywhere. In fact the image at the top of this page was served up courtesy of Amazon S3 image storage, as are the images on a growing number of websites thanks to the speed at which they are delivered.

According to DeepField’s Craig Labovitz Amazon is “either on the sending or receiving end of 1 percent of all internet traffic in North America.”

To put that number into perspective, if Amazon was to go down 1 in 100 websites wouldn’t be able to operate until the problem was fixed, in other cases hundreds of millions of images would be broken all over the web.

Considering Amazon didn’t introduce its first cloud service known as the Elastic Computer Cloud until 2006 the move towards internet storage dominance has been swift and quite honestly impressive.

So who’s using Amazon services? Netflix is probably the most publicly known example, the video streaming service uses Amazon services to handle its back-end streaming services. By utilizing Amazon services Netflix can push up computer cycles during peak hours and scale back during off-peak times, saving the company millions of dollars in server costs.

Regardless of how Amazon web services are being used, how impressive their infrastructure is, the real impressive stat here is the fact that one percent of the internet infrastructure in the United States is now handled by a company that started out selling books.



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