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Published on April 19th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Jennifer Love Hewitt Says She Hopes Her Grandma Doesn’t See Racy ‘Client List’ Billboards

jennifer love hewitt the client list

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is in no small part known for her sexiness, but apparently Grandma Love Hewitt didn’t get the memo. (Or has never heard a “Jennifer Love Hugetits” joke.)

It may be safe to say that Hewitt’s granny also isn’t tuning in to her granddaughter’s new Lifetime series The Client List, which sounds basically like TV soft porn. In the show, Hewitt reprises her role from the original Lifetime movie of the same name, with some alternate universe caveats. In the film, Hewitt’s lead character- a struggling mom who works at a massage parlor with a “special menu”- loses everything when it is discovered that she has been prostituting herself on the side to avoid foreclosure.

In the show, the whole moral of the story is scrapped, and it’s basically about a happy-go-lucky soccer mom hooker, played by Hewitt. The ad campaign is as steamy as the premise, and in a recent interview, Hewitt says her grandma hasn’t yet seen the racy campaign, and she hopes to keep it that way:

 “Thank God none of them have been put up in my grandmother’s neighborhood yet. I’m waiting for that phone call- and I’m hoping it won’t happen… She asked me, ‘What are you wearing in the posters?’ and I said, ‘I’m wearing a bathing suit’. And she’s like, ‘OK, well that’s great!’”

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in the Client List on Sunday nights on Lifetime.



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