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Next Up: Pot Dispensing Vending Machine And Yes It’s Real [Video]

Oh those crazy Californians and their medical marijuana shops. They’re never happy with having to deal with regular store hours like the rest of us or line-ups to get the latest Kush on the market.

No, now they want to to be able to walk up to a vending machine, slap in their medical marijuana card and walk away with their smokables.

Well according to The Orange County Register they can do just that thanks to a company by the name of Dispence Labs and their brand new automated vending machine named – Autospense.

Now to make sure that things are on the up and up you will also have to have your thumbprint scanned as well as your medical marijuana card and a credit card for payment.

Apparently one of these machines is already up and running at The Dispensary Store in Santa Ana, California but if Joe DeRobbio of Dispense Labs has his way you’ll start seeing more of these machines popping up all over the place.

And here is a video of the machine in action just so you can know what to look forward to. Personally I’m starting the count down to when the cops show up.

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