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CDC report finds teen moms didn’t think that it could happen to them

One of the biggest social problems facing us has to be the fact that children are having children, that is to say teenage girls are engaging in unprotected sex and become pregnant as a result.

What is really scary though is the fact that these teenage girls didn’t think that they would ever get pregnant; or at least this is what the Centers for Disease Control in the United States found out recently.

In a survey of thousands of teenage mothers who had had unintended pregnancies the CDC found that almost a third of them said that they hadn’t used birth control because they didn’t think that they would get pregnant. While the CDC researchers didn’t ask these teens mothers what they thought would happen another group of researchers did and found out that:

teens didn’t think that they could get pregnant the first time they had sex

didn’t think that they could get pregnant at “that time of the month”

they thought they were sterile

Some other findings from related studies regarding pregnant teens

nearly a quarter of teen moms didn’t use contraception because their partners didn’t want them to

13% didn’t use contraception because they had trouble getting it

From the CDC report:

Some of the teen moms were asked what kind of birth control they used: Nearly 20 percent said they used the pill or a birth control patch. Another 24 percent said they used condoms.

 said they do not believe that the pill, condoms and other forms of birth control were faulty. Instead, they think the teens failed to use it correctly or consistently.

This is a societal problem and one that we shouldn’t be having to deal with but because of puritanical thinking and lack of parental involvement we will probably be dealing with the consequences of this type of thing for a long time to come.

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