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Published on April 25th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Doctor Claims To Have Officially Found G Spot After Cutting Open Fresh Cadaver

G Spot Found

Semi-retired Florida gynecologist Adam Ostrzenski says he has officially found the G spot and he did it with fresh cadavers.

The doctor flew to Poland where they allow the dissection of fresh cadavers (the US does not). In the country he cut open an 83-year-old woman and found “small clusters of erectile tissues house in a tiny sac deep within the vaginal wall” he writes in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 

Obviously the G spot has been the center of various medical controversies over the years with some doctors claiming the infamous spot doesn’t actually exist and that if it does it may be in different locations for every female.

According to one opponent of Dr. Ostrezenski’s findings, he failed to show nerve endings or that the find is actually erectile tissue at all.

The doctor notes he could not do any histological testing on samples but he says his research will continue.

Interesting note, the Los Angeles Times discovered that Dr. Adam Ostrezenski has come under fire in the past for performing plastic surgery on female genitalia.



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