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Woman Gets Fired After Donating Her Kidney To Her Boss [Video]

In a move that under normal circumstance would have been considered something you would be grateful for 47-year-old Debbie Stevens, a Long Island divorced mother of two, instead found herself in the unemployment line when shortly after donating her kidney to her boss she was fired.

In what can only be classified as an extremely scummy move Stevens’ boss 61-year-old Jackie Brucia decided that once her life had been saved because of the donated kidney that Stevens suddenly couldn’t do the job that she, Brucia, had hired her for.

The two women first met back when they both worked for Atlantic Automotive Group where Stevens was just a clerical worker and Brucia was one of the company’s controllers. However in 2010 Stevens left the company to move to Florida but during a visit back to Long Island the two women met again which is when Stevens first found out about Brucia’s illness and how difficult it was to find a kidney donor.

Stevens, being a ‘naturally generous’ person told Brucia that she would donate one of her kidneys if the need arose.

A few month later Stevens returned to Long Island and started looking for work and asked Brucia if she could have her old job back. Two weeks later Brucia hired Stevens to work under her and then in January 2011 Brucia asked Stevens if her offer of the kidney was still open.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky because Stevens wasn’t an exact match for Brucia which meant she donated a kidney to someone in St. Louis and Bercia got her new kidney from someone in San Francisco. After the operation Stevens had a very hard time – experiencing serious pain, discomfort in her legs and digestive problems and then on top of that she was being seriously pressured to return to work.

When she finally went back to work on Sep 6, 2011, she didn’t feel ready; even her boss was still recovering at home. Three days later, she was so sick that she had to return home. She then received a berating call from Brucia. Her words apparently were, “You can’t come and go as you please. People are going to think you’re getting special treatment.” Even after Brucia returned to work, Stevens got yelled at in front of co-workers all the time. When she went to visit a psychiatrist and had her lawyers send a letter to the employers, Stevens was quickly fired.

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Stevens is planning to launch a lawsuit against the company but that hasn’t altered her feeling about donating the kidney “because it saved the life of a man in Missouri”.



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