Life Terry Jones Burns More Korans

Published on April 30th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Pastor Terry Jones Burns Korans Despite His Last Deadly Burning

Terry Jones Burns More Korans

When right-wing hate monger and pastor Terry Jones burned a Koran in 2011 more than 16 people died and more than 90 people were injured, now we have learned that Terry Jones is back to his own self-serving ways, burning more copies of the Koran outside of his Florida church.

This time Jones decided to go one step further also burning an image of the prophet Muhammad in front of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida.

Jones decided to burn the Koran and the image of Muhammad despite the Pentagon urging the hate-monger to avoid such actions for fear that it could lead to the death of more American troops in Afghanistan.

A Pentagon spokesman told the Guardian:

“We hope Pastor Jones will take into account the safety and welfare of deployed US military personnel.”

While hardly a slap on the wrist Jones was fined $300 by the Gainsville fire department following the burning because he didn’t have authorization to burn books.

The books were burned in protest for the imprisonment in Iran of Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who was taken into custody in 2009.

Here’s a video of the Koran burning:



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