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$36K Worth Of Apple MacBooks Ruined By 11-Year-Old Boy Peeing On Them

I’m not even sure how this could happen in the first place but it seems that some un-named 11 year-old boy at the Upper Allen Township Elementary in Pennsylvania decided that it would be fun to pee all over a stack of 30 school-owned Apple MacBooks.

Apparently the police, and school officials, do not know why the child took it upon himself to pee on the laptops but the end result is that the school now has $36,000 worth of ruin computers and not even Apple will touch them with a ten-foot pole.

As John Brownlee over at Cult of Mac explains

We can all surmise that urinating upon your Mac will not be covered by your AppleCare, but here’s an interesting question: If you stand up right this second, unzip your fly and hose off all over your MacBook, can you even pay Apple to service the machines? The answer is no, because Apple looks at micturated-upon MacBooks as a biohazard.

The boy has been identified and charged with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief. The case in now in the hands of the Cumberland Country Juvenile Probation Department.

via MSNBC / image courtesy of Geekologie



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