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Published on May 3rd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Cocaine Stuffed Tampons Purchased by Unwitting Menstruator at Utah Discount Store

cocaine tampons

A woman in Utah who believed she was purchasing tampons at a Utan discount store got a massive (not toxic) shock when she discovered that instead of absorbant cotton feminine supplies, the box she purchased was actually full of cocaine.

(And if you follow “weird news” stories, you know that she was definitely lucky it wasn’t spores of scary black mold.) 39-year-old mother of two Cindy Davidson had originally gone into “salvage and freight recovery company” the NPS store to pick up tooth whitening strips, but snagged a box of Boots brand tampons while she was shopping because the price was right. Davidson says she was unfamiliar with the British drugstore chain Boots before she purchased the tampons.

When she examined them, she discovered cocaine in the applicators, and promptly called police. According to TSG, Davidson called cops, who tested the substance and verified its coke-iness:

“After cops left with the narcotics and the tampons, Davidson sent her 300 friends a Facebook message ‘No one would ever believe what has happened 2 me 2nite. I bought a package of tampons filled with cocaine bags,’ she wrote. ‘I have had hazmat and the police at my house all night. I will post details as they become available. Totally tripping out.'”

Police believe the coke-filled tampons were part of a drug smuggling ring that went awry (which is kind of slapstick comedy-esque, as a bunch of mid-level drug dealers have probably discovered boxes of tampons that are just… tampons), and authorities are currently trying to track down the origin of the drugs.



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