Life percentage of americans that are obese

Published on May 8th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


42% of Americans Could Be Obese by 2030, Research Reveals

percentage of americans that are obese

Obesity is a growing problem in the US, but if current trends continue, the average American could be considered downright skinny in just 18 short years.

American waistlines have been steadily increasing in recent decades, but over the past ten years, the rise in obesity has tapered off a bit. However, a new “Weight of the Nation” report out of the CDC indicates that while Americans have curbed the trend toward fat to some degree, we are still at risk for a far larger problem by 2030.

In 2010, 78 million American adults (or 36%, if you prefer delicious pie charts) were considered obese- not overweight or muffin-toppy, but obese. A forecasted rise of 33% to 42% would cause a lot of health care hassles for Americans, and study authors say that even small strides to fight obesity may not be enough if the problem isn’t taken seriously. The study’s authors write:

“[Obese people] also have a much shorter life expectancy and generate greater lifetime medical costs, suggesting that future health care costs may continue to increase even if obesity prevalence levels off.”

While somewhat dire, the study notes that the predictions are down significantly from previous estimates that 50% of Americans would be obese by 2030.



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