Science Bubonic Plague India Version is Antibiotic Resistant

Published on May 8th, 2012 | by James Johnson


India Could Be Breeding Drug-Resistant Black Death!

Bubonic Plague India Version is Antibiotic Resistant

The bubonic plague has been under control since better hygiene education because common practice in many areas and penicillin along with other drugs were mass produced but now conditions in India could be breeding a new drug-resistant strain of the bubonic plague.

According to a Bloomberg report the new strain is developing because of a combination of rampant antibiotic use, poor hygiene and horrid sanitation practices throughout much of the country.

Because of living conditions India has become a hotbed of “superbugs” where drug-resistant strains of diseases are bred and then spread around the world. The situation has gotten so bad that more than 40 countries have discovered India super diseases in blood and urine samples.

Making matters worse, some typically harmless diseases are turning into killers as they evolving and as one public health official in Toronto notes:

“There is really nothing we can turn to. Its potential is probably greater than any other organism.”

For now we just have to hope that conditions improve quickly in India and that health officials begin to attack the root of their problems rather than throwing antibiotics at every problem they encounter.



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