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Published on May 9th, 2012 | by James Johnson


School Accidentally Spells Own Name Wrong For 9 Years

Sunrise McMillian School Spelling Mistake

The staff at Sunrise Elementary School in Forth Worth, Texas has been spelling its name wrong for the last nine years. In 2003 the school added the name “McMillian” to its full title, a move meant to celebrate its first teacher Mrs. Mary McMillan.

There was only one problem with the Sunrise-McMillian name which was placed on the schools building letters, logos, digital email signatures and everywhere else possible, it was spelled Sunrise-McMillian despite the fact that it should have been McMillan.

What might be most amazing is that nobody noticed the mistake for nearly a decade, in fact it wasn’t until a relative of Mrs. McMillan pointed out the mistake that it was planned to be rectified.

After realizing the mistake school officials began working to fix the error everywhere it was listed, a big task given the 9 years worth of spelling mistakes.

In the meantime one teacher came up with a memorable way to learn the new spelling, telling NBC-Dallas/Fort Worth:

“You know how we say there’s no ‘i’ in team? We could say, ‘Well, [at] Sunrise-McMillan, we’re a team, so there is no ‘i’ in the last part of McMillan.'”

Are you surprised by the schools inability to realize the mistake for nearly a decade?



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