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All Your James Bond Girls In One Place [Infographic]

The iconic James Bond is a movie staple having seen many different actors playing the world’s greatest spy (my favorite has to be Sean Connery) but just as we might disagree over who is the better Bond the one thing we don’t argue over is the equally famous Bond Girls.

All of them are drop dead gorgeous (even when they were trying to kill your favorite spy) and more than a few careers have been made for some of the women who were lucky enough to get cast as double agents, henchman, or just stunning debutantes.

Thanks to the crew at Cable TV for punishing themselves and pulling together this great infographic that shows all of the Bond Girls (from all 23 movies including the upcoming Skyfall) and what movies they appeared in.

All I can say is enjoy.

Bond Girls - Click For Full View

via FirstShowing.net



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