Published on May 11th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Time To Crank Up That Arachnophobia – Spiders Hunting In Packs [Video]

I don’t normally freak out over spiders, except for those massive tarantulas and other deadly types, I leave that up to my wife so I can come into the rescue when some itsy bitsy spider crawls across the floor.

Now thanks to David Attenborough that snivelling fear of spiders that we’ve managed to keep under tight control has reason to burst forward in full force. You see in most case spiders are a solitary type insect and a rolled up newspaper works wonders, but now we find out that there is a type of spider that likes to hunt in packs.

Yes. Packs.

As in a colonies of 10,000 or more of the breed known as Anelosimus eximius that love nothing better than to hunt in packs and take on prey that are hundreds of times their own size.

This can’t end well but for now I suggest that you get to know the enemy and prepare.

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