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Published on May 16th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Is Memory Foam Mattress Sex Good? Consumers Picking Sleep Over Shagging

memory foam mattress sex

Memory foam mattresses are taking the world of sleep by storm, increasing in popularity in leaps and bounds but prompting a single, if a bit uncomfortable to ask question: can you shag like bunnies atop them?

It’s kind of awkward to ask a co-worker raving about her own Tempur-Pedic whether sex is as good boning on memory foam as it is on traditional coil mattress. When I considered ordering my own Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress from Amazon, reviews were scoured for literal weeks as the answer appeared to be nowhere to be found on Google- apparently everyone is getting memory foam mattresses, but no one is talking about shagging atop them.

Finally, the price dropped so low (shipping free with Amazon Prime) I decided a potential life of celibacy was worth the plunge, as I ditched my creaky coil mattress for the attractive bargain of about $260. And I have to say, the gamble was worth it sleep-wise- compared to my sister’s Tempur-Pedic, the Sleep Innovations model is not perceptively different.

Whether sex on memory foam mattresses sucks appears to depend on which mattress seller is answering. Sealy seems to clearly insinuate in ads that if you buy a memory foam mattress, your sex life will disintegrate, but Tempur-Pedic’s CEO doubts the data. The memory foam company’s chief explains:

“In all honesty, I have never seen a return for that reason… It’s conceivable that people aren’t buying our beds because of that, but if you speak to the legions of people who own these beds, this isn’t an issue for them.”

Barron’s¬†does an in-depth analysis of whether memory foam mattress sex is measurably better or worse, but having experienced the quality of sleep a memory foam mattress brings, it would appear the answer is “do it on the floor, dude. Totally worth it.”



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