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Published on May 16th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Customer Calls 911 After All-You-Can Eat Fish Fry Restaurant Refuses More Than 20 Servings

Bill Wisth Fish Fry Guy ProtestAt 6’6″ and 350lbs Bill Wisth isn’t exactly a small guy and to his own admission he can eat a lot, apparently so much that he was sent away from an all-you-can-eat fish fry after consuming 12 pieces of fish and given another eight pieces for the road.

Bill was eating at Wisconsin restaurant Chuck’s Place on Friday when the restaurant cut him off, a move he told TODAY’s TMJ4:

“It’s false advertising.”

Wisth then added:

“Well, we asked for more fish and they refused to give us any more fish.”

According to the restaurant they were running out of fish and simply didn’t have more to give. The restaurants manager also points out that they sent Bill home with an additional eight pieces of fish which he says wasn’t enough. The restaurant says Bill is a “problem customer” who actually owes the restaurant from a past meal he never paid for.

After leaving the restaurant Bill Wisth shows back up two days later to protest the restaurants treatment of him, instead of proving his point he was given a disorderly conduct ticket by police and sent on his way.

Bill appears to be alone in his fight, even during his news interview customers interrupted him to show their support for Chuck’s Place.

In the meantime perhaps Bill should rethink his own weight, the generally accepted guideline for a 6’6″ male is 193 – 235 lbs, 350 pounds would make him morbidly obese with an average BMI of 40.6.

Bill plans to protest every Sunday outside of the restaurant until they throw him more food like a seal begging for fish during a Sea World show






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